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Standards and Details

The Documents below are in the DWG or PDF format:

Description DWG Format PDF Format
1", 1-1/2" & 2" Standard Pit Settings W-1 W-1
Typical 6" Fire Hydrant Setting W-2 W-2
Fire Hydrant Location W-3 W-3
Cast Iron Valve Box W-4 W-4
Pipe Bedding and Backfill Water Mains W-5 W-5
Air Vacuum – Release Valve W-6 W-6
Water Meter Locations W-7 W-7
Water Meter Locations W-7A W-7A
Water System Notes W-8 W-8
Frost Free Blowoff-Model W-9 W-9
Water Main Flushing Chart-Model W-10 W-10
Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly W-11 W-11
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Assembly W-12 W-12
Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly W-13 W-13
Application for Conceptual Review N/A PDF
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